11 DIY Home Staging Tips

selling Jena Radnay October 27, 2023

First impressions are everything, especially in the world of real estate. Imagine walking into a house you're considering buying and being greeted with a space that feels warm, inviting, and just like something you could call "home.”  Curating this feeling is precisely the power of home staging.

Home staging is about presenting a house in its best light to make it appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. This includes decluttering, decorating, and highlighting the home's best features to create a space in which prospective buyers can imagine themselves. Allowing buyers to visualize the property as their own facilitates a quicker sale and often fetches a higher price.

According to the National Association of Realtors, 58% of buyers' agents stated that home staging affected most buyers' view of the home most of the time, while 31% believed that home staging has an effect, but not always. Read on to discover DIY home staging tips guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Fast facts about home staging

  • According to TheZebra.com, 82% of buyers' agents stated that staging a home made it easier for buyers to envision the property as their future residence.
  • 47% of real estate agents believe that home staging influenced most buyers' perception of the home.
  • In 2019, the average amount spent on home staging was $400.
  • The two least crucial rooms to stage are the home office and guest bedrooms.
  • Homes professionally staged spend 73% less time on the market compared to unstaged homes.
  • Homes staged before being listed sold for 25% more than unstaged homes.

Expert home staging tips

Create a clutter-free space

Decluttering enhances a space's visual appeal, enabling potential buyers to concentrate on the property's attributes instead of personal belongings. A clutter-free environment promotes a positive first impression and highlights the property's potential, making it easier for buyers to envision their own future in the space.

Thoroughly clean your home

A deep clean can transform a home, making it truly shine. Attending to details like polishing hardwood floors and cleaning windows can work wonders in enhancing the overall appearance and ambiance of the space. It's these small touches that can make a world of difference and leave a lasting impression on potential buyers.

Address minor damages

Patch and repair any minor dents, holes, or scratches. A well-maintained home not only looks appealing but also conveys a move-in-ready quality that resonates with prospective buyers. It assures them that the property has been cared for and is ready for immediate occupancy.

Make it universally appealing

Depersonalizing the space is essential; remove personal photographs and family portraits. This creates a blank canvas for potential buyers to envision their own life and belongings within the home. It helps them connect emotionally with the property and facilitates a smoother transition into imagining it as their own dream home.

Opt for universally appealing hues

Opting for neutral colors on walls, curtains, and decor is a wise choice. These versatile tones create a blank slate that appeals to a wider spectrum of potential buyers, accommodating various tastes and styles. It allows them to visualize their preferences and personal touches, making it easier to see the home as their ideal living space.

Embrace the sun

Natural lighting is a game-changer for any room, imbuing it with a sense of spaciousness and warmth. Simply opening curtains and allowing sunlight to flood in can instantly transform the atmosphere, making the space feel inviting and positively affecting the overall ambiance. It's a simple yet powerful way to showcase a property's potential.

Play with furniture placement

Rearranging furniture is a strategic move to enhance the flow and emphasize a room's standout features. Thoughtful placement can create a more functional and visually appealing layout, guiding potential buyers through the space and drawing attention to the property's strengths. It's an effective technique for maximizing a room's potential.

Clearly define each room's purpose

Providing each room with a clear and distinct purpose is essential for effective home staging. Whether it's an entertainment room, a cozy reading nook, or a spacious master bedroom, defining these spaces helps potential buyers see how they can utilize and enjoy each area. Clarity in purpose enhances the overall appeal of the home.

Boost the home's exterior charm

Curb appeal sets the tone with the very first impression. Consider investing in landscaping improvements, a fresh coat of paint, or even a stylish new front door. These upgrades not only welcome potential buyers but also create a lasting positive impression, enticing them to explore and envision a beautiful life in the home.

Prepare for photographs

Given that many prospective buyers first encounter homes online, staging for photos is crucial. Ensuring ample natural light, removing unnecessary items, and highlighting key features can make online listings stand out.

Pitfalls to avoid

When staging your home, steer clear of over-personalization, dark curtains, or overcrowding spaces with excessive furniture. Simplicity and a universally appealing aesthetic are key. Neutral and open designs allow potential buyers to project their own vision onto the space, making it easier for them to connect with the property and see it as their future home.

Home staging FAQs

Post-staging furniture arrangements

After a home sale, rented furniture is typically returned, and personal items are reintegrated.

Setting the dining room scene

While not mandatory, setting the table can make the dining room feel warm and inviting.

Home staging vs. interior design

While both involve decorating, home staging is tailored for selling, focusing on broad appeal, while interior design is more personal, catering to homeowners' personal style.

Partner with an expert real estate professional

Embracing the art of home staging can be the difference between a home that lingers on the market and one that's snapped up quickly. Many real estate agents are trained in the basics of home staging and can offer helpful tips and recommendations. While they may not provide full home staging services, their expertise can guide sellers in making impactful changes.

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